Fierce – meme

hold it down duvet cru…strap ya sel in fi dis one…snoozecore at breakneck speed…this is meme at full throttle…so…ya no….don’t say we didn’t warn ya


TevaTron – meme

meme takes snoozecore to the quantum level


Pi 1000 – meme [almost beatless mix]

meme relentlessly pursuing the depths of snoozecore…can’t get to sleep?? tried all the drugs the doctors give out???

try pi to 1000 decimal places… with er….?music?

Snorelax – Carlos K Krinklebein [MegaPunch ReMiX]

We said nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…but he did anyway…..soz meme

Snorelax – meme

Label newbie meme gently rocks you off to sleep with this irritable lullaby. A departure for MTR but we can assure you that meme is a 100% black bloc certified anarcho…when he’s awake that is.