TAC – OldBoy

“The only sane response to an insane situation is music” – Some Twat

Back for 2017


Almost Beatless Wibbles from the Curly Edges of Snoozecore – meme

Please – muke

muke’s nu track

Bun Dem 63 – Dub Destroyer Vs Junior Gong (come on dub with me interstella Mix)


Okay we know you’ve ‘eard em all…for MTR’s 50th Release…DD reckons there’s not enough DuB in the room…

as promised 2 new studio mixes and a compilation on the way…fo’ christmas tha’ ‘no’s

Bad Things Happen To Good People – sHefF pOLLy


Wouldja beleive it – 2nd Birthday 50th release for Minor Threat Recordings

After 2 years of rough sailing, the good ship MTR has unbelievably reached it’s  50th release , they said we would never pull it off (we’re making it up, nobody said anything), they said it could never be done (no-one is interested)…..OK we’ll stop with the hype shit …comin your way 2 new studio mixes plus an all nu MTR compilation…droppin Dec 2012…if your not dead from austerity that is…

Kino – OldBoy