TAC – OldBoy

“The only sane response to an insane situation is music” – Some Twat

Back for 2017


cLyKs & cYkLs e.p. – MUKE Vs meme

Latest 3 tracker from the bleep/dubtronik specialists M&m inspired by time travel and anaesthesia.

Free Download or PAY NO MORE THAN 0.49p

Almost Beatless Wibbles from the Curly Edges of Snoozecore – meme

MTR On Band Camp….oh shit

99pMinor Threat Recordings has been aah-hem quiet for a while…no longer… we now are sitting on a pile of new material and we’ve added a Band Camp account so you can help support the label. We have taken a similar stance to the punk DIY vinyl pressings of the 80’s who used a PAY NO MORE THAN label, we like the ethic, so we nicked it :]

Latest release from meme includes unreleased material, free if ya want, NO MORE THAN 99p if ya can be bothered.

Almost Beatless Wibbles from the Curly Edges of Snoozecore.

Please – muke

muke’s nu track

Thatchers Dead Tool – MTR Allstars

zombie thatcher

No.1 in MTR’s nu scratch Toolz series No Gods No Masters…aaah….fressh..dead..dead.dead.


Bun Dem 63 – Dub Destroyer Vs Junior Gong (come on dub with me interstella Mix)


Okay we know you’ve ‘eard em all…for MTR’s 50th Release…DD reckons there’s not enough DuB in the room…

as promised 2 new studio mixes and a compilation on the way…fo’ christmas tha’ ‘no’s