Wouldja beleive it – 2nd Birthday 50th release for Minor Threat Recordings

After 2 years of rough sailing, the good ship MTR has unbelievably reached it’s  50th release , they said we would never pull it off (we’re making it up, nobody said anything), they said it could never be done (no-one is interested)…..OK we’ll stop with the hype shit …comin your way 2 new studio mixes plus an all nu MTR compilation…droppin Dec 2012…if your not dead from austerity that is…


Sheff Warning – MTR Allstars

Dystopian dubstep…Sheff Warning is the first MTR Allstars mix outin’ and not the last…ambient glitchstep morphs into drum frenzied political rants…collapsin’ into electrostep and plinky piano’s…WTF…just listen!!