0742 – Carlos K Krinklebein

Be Warned!!!…The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our anger…

0742/underclassrising/urbanparanoia/worldwarfree/mozaz – we are sad for you passing

mozaz memorial page

Indymedia feature


Emotional Terrorist – OldBoy

i’m an emotional terrorist…i blow up innocent peoples sadness with happy bombs in my shoes

Bass Cipher Error – dedhead

With all these undrecover cops and private spooks about dedhead decided to beef up his security… problem is he  just can’t remember the frequencies for his new musical encryption software…morphin’  low end antics on this little housestepper.

Security for activists

Phil got arrested – Carlos K Krinklebein

Label fellow traveller Carlos K Krinklebein called us and said…’ you’ll never guess what ‘appened to Phil last night’…

Carlos on a nightmare amentalist gabbastep tip….say n’ more…cept don’t go on night out with Phil.

MMS 7.0 – MUKE

On the aniversary of the Haitian earthquake, January 12, 2010, MUKE delivers a haunting slice of  low fi dubstep with a mournful talking bassline. MMS 7.O refers to the magnitude of quake.

Capitalism: creating misery from disaster since 1780

Radical Haitian History

Wikipedia  Haiti page

2011 : the future is unwritten…see you on the streets ; ]