The Dr Summons The Time Lords (‘Ole In The Ground Mix) – meme Vs Carlos K Krinklebein

The Dr has finally met his match, the high-manic duo, take Patrick Troughton and Bernard Cribbins down a bleepcore wormhole. Love it or hate it…you’ll probably hate it it…


Wouldja beleive it – 2nd Birthday 50th release for Minor Threat Recordings

After 2 years of rough sailing, the good ship MTR has unbelievably reached it’s  50th release , they said we would never pull it off (we’re making it up, nobody said anything), they said it could never be done (no-one is interested)…..OK we’ll stop with the hype shit …comin your way 2 new studio mixes plus an all nu MTR compilation…droppin Dec 2012…if your not dead from austerity that is…

Satanic Drug-Dealing Terrorists for PuSsY RioT – Carlos K Krinklebein


Seeing as the great and the good support anarcho’s…when they are in a far off land…Carlos thought that it was about time evil doers should stand up in defence of freedom of expression…wholesome happy BreakCore action…..Fuck Puttin…Fuck Sting…Fuck Madonna…Free  Pussy Riot

Andy Coulsons 5 O’clock Knock – Carlos K Krinklebein

Rumour has it that Strathclyde Polis used this tune to extract information from dear old Andy…Carlos is expecting royalties
Disclaimer: NO rich scumbags were hurt in the making of this tune…unfortunately

Acoustic Weapons – Carlos K Krinklebein (smash the 808 mix)

Carlos has been doin’ research on the internet…oh yea…and reckons he’s come up with a new tool for anarchists to use against the state…and yes that is a chorus of hamsters at the end…don’t ask….

sonic tomfoolery for the digital gitchcore crew


dOoMzDAY kiLLa – Carlos K Krinklebein

This months relentless pace just does not stop ….

Carlos is back and ‘ees in a bad mood…best just leave it….

STOP PRESS………Look out for BigFlame’s Oakland tribute….on ‘ere soon

Snorelax – Carlos K Krinklebein [MegaPunch ReMiX]

We said nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…but he did anyway…..soz meme