Anarchist Resource for N30 Strike

New N30 website

The launch of a new N30 strike website specifically aimed at keeping anarchists informed and updated about activities in the run up and on the day of the strike itself. Promoting active involvement by anarchists and radical groups in organised and effective action in support of striking public sector workers. Main strike resource website will be: (going live Nov 23rd)


Gamblin’s for Fools [Goldman Sachs Playin with Knives Mix] – Kid SneeLock vs MotorHead vs Mc Rastani

Mashup/remix maestro Kid SneeLock serves up a timely Occupy Anthem.
“Anarcho” Capitalist Alessio Rastani joins Lemmy to explain the realities of capitalist crisis…
a smash for your occupation or picket line…

 all out N30 ….  all out N30 ….  all out N30 ….  all out N30 ….  all out N30 ….  all out N30 ….  all out N30 ….  all out N30  ….

Alessio Rastani in full flow 

Pi 1000 – meme [almost beatless mix]

meme relentlessly pursuing the depths of snoozecore…can’t get to sleep?? tried all the drugs the doctors give out???

try pi to 1000 decimal places… with er….?music?