Dubutex – Muke


Neurohop TrekStyle… MUKE hittin tha DUButex hard…….


Slum n Bass – BigFlame


Sampling videos from Day X3 [student actions in the uk] and infamous anarchist Ian Bone’s Band ‘The Living Legends‘ this brooding dubhop tunes explodes….nobody does it like we do

We’re from the slums of London – BigFlame

sampling video’s from  last weeks DayX3  student demo/rage/riot  in London

and… Ian Bones band The Living Legends… this brooding dubhop tune explodes…

…coming soon

Step-Topia – OldBoy

OldBoy’s dreamin of a better world…no armies…no money…no countries…no gods… but tonnes dubby 2step beats an gated synths…

Step into a better world

Tory Scum ere We Cum – BigFlame

BigFlame is out for a ruck and David Cameron [UK Prime Minister] is in his sights. Flitered Bass a plenty in this riot-step class war call to arms… with drops so big you fall into em … samples from social comentators and the fantastic four… this little baby will gaurantee you a smashin demo an that…

Minor Threat Recordings Blog

MinorThreatRecordings is a new netlabel bringing you mongrelbreaks, riotstep, dubhop, glitchcore and everything in between
We are troublemakers and provocateurs, mobhanded anarchists.

Our enemy : corporate capitalism, power and authority

Our weapon : BASS

Label Roster:

We will update the blog with new releases and occasional rants

If your reading this your part of the resistance