Slum n Bass – BigFlame


Sampling videos from Day X3 [student actions in the uk] and infamous anarchist Ian Bone’s Band ‘The Living Legends‘ this brooding dubhop tunes explodes….nobody does it like we do

They hold the scissors, we hold the rock. Greek General Strike 15.12.2010

General Strike Poster

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We’re from the slums of London – BigFlame

sampling video’s from  last weeks DayX3  student demo/rage/riot  in London

and… Ian Bones band The Living Legends… this brooding dubhop tune explodes…

…coming soon

Step-Topia – OldBoy

OldBoy’s dreamin of a better world…no armies…no money…no countries…no gods… but tonnes dubby 2step beats an gated synths…

Step into a better world

Tory Scum ere We Cum – BigFlame

BigFlame is out for a ruck and David Cameron [UK Prime Minister] is in his sights. Flitered Bass a plenty in this riot-step class war call to arms… with drops so big you fall into em … samples from social comentators and the fantastic four… this little baby will gaurantee you a smashin demo an that…

Minor Threat Recordings Blog

MinorThreatRecordings is a new netlabel bringing you mongrelbreaks, riotstep, dubhop, glitchcore and everything in between
We are troublemakers and provocateurs, mobhanded anarchists.

Our enemy : corporate capitalism, power and authority

Our weapon : BASS

Label Roster:

We will update the blog with new releases and occasional rants

If your reading this your part of the resistance