cLyKs & cYkLs e.p. – MUKE Vs meme

Latest 3 tracker from the bleep/dubtronik specialists M&m inspired by time travel and anaesthesia.

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Petition: You can help Starbucks workers gain a fair working week and regular hours!

Steel City Wobs

The IWW Starbucks Workers Union is running a petition to demand a fair work week for workers at Starbucks globally. As it is now, SBs everywhere never give workers a full 40 hour week, making all of them part-time workers with the part-time salary to match. They do this to prevent having to ever pay overtime, of course. They just need about 50 more signatures to hit their target, so if any of you could just go to the following website and sign, that’d be a huge help towards hopefully, securing full-time employment for the FWs at SB.
Solidarity from Sheffield.

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Almost Beatless Wibbles from the Curly Edges of Snoozecore – meme

The Dr Summons The Time Lords (‘Ole In The Ground Mix) – meme Vs Carlos K Krinklebein

The Dr has finally met his match, the high-manic duo, take Patrick Troughton and Bernard Cribbins down a bleepcore wormhole. Love it or hate it…you’ll probably hate it it…

MTR On Band Camp….oh shit

99pMinor Threat Recordings has been aah-hem quiet for a while…no longer… we now are sitting on a pile of new material and we’ve added a Band Camp account so you can help support the label. We have taken a similar stance to the punk DIY vinyl pressings of the 80’s who used a PAY NO MORE THAN label, we like the ethic, so we nicked it :]

Latest release from meme includes unreleased material, free if ya want, NO MORE THAN 99p if ya can be bothered.

Almost Beatless Wibbles from the Curly Edges of Snoozecore.

TDF-SHeff – muke

Musical musings on the TDF from MUKE, just nice