Andy Coulsons 5 O’clock Knock – Carlos K Krinklebein

Rumour has it that Strathclyde Polis used this tune to extract information from dear old Andy…Carlos is expecting royalties
Disclaimer: NO rich scumbags were hurt in the making of this tune…unfortunately


dOoMzDAY kiLLa – Carlos K Krinklebein

This months relentless pace just does not stop ….

Carlos is back and ‘ees in a bad mood…best just leave it….

STOP PRESS………Look out for BigFlame’s Oakland tribute….on ‘ere soon

Klezmachine – Carlos K Krinklebein

Carlos has been stuck in the cellar for the last week with nothing but an MPC, a Meccano set and a pile of out of date Gefilte fish…MTR’s visionary buffoon brings you Yiddish breakcore mayhem…enjoi



Gefilte Fish

Na Zdrove – local gypsy brass, klezmer and balkan beat specialists