Wouldja beleive it – 2nd Birthday 50th release for Minor Threat Recordings

After 2 years of rough sailing, the good ship MTR has unbelievably reached it’s  50th release , they said we would never pull it off (we’re making it up, nobody said anything), they said it could never be done (no-one is interested)…..OK we’ll stop with the hype shit …comin your way 2 new studio mixes plus an all nu MTR compilation…droppin Dec 2012…if your not dead from austerity that is…


Bass Cipher Error – dedhead

With all these undrecover cops and private spooks about dedhead decided to beef up his security… problem is he  just can’t remember the frequencies for his new musical encryption software…morphin’  low end antics on this little housestepper.

Security for activists